Greater Ontario Kayak Angling

Rick Beauchamp


Rick has been fishing since his teens.  His first real introduction to Lake St. Clair and what it can produce was when he was 15 working for a charter fishing service that targeted walleye and muskie.  Rick continued to fish out of small 16ft boats for several years.  As ‘life’ can do, marriage, kids and a career slowed his passion for fishing down somewhat but he managed to get out a couple times a year.  Now as his children are all out of the house, his wife of 28 years is less concerned about him being gone so much, Rick has found his way back on the water back in 2012.  He continues to hone his skills as a recreational fisherman but as big aspirations to move into the upper ranks in the tournaments consistently.  Rick is very approachable and loves to discuss the rigging of his yak.  Rick has also just started to delve into the world of making short movies which are published on his YouTube page.   He can be found on just about kayak forum there is under the handle ‘Boknows’.