Greater Ontario Kayak Angling

Derek Whidden


Derek got involved in kayak fishing almost by accident. After discovering the joys of fishing from shore he dove head first into researching the most appropriate kayak for his needs. Having never caught a bass from a kayak he registered in the 2011 Border City Classic and has been hooked since. Derek enjoys the simplicity and challenge of fishing from a kayak and has targeted and caught bass,  pike,  musky,  perch, panfish, crappie, catfish,  trout, salmon,  walleye, and Sheephead. Derek enjoys fishing with his children and is always finding ways to get them involved in paddling and in fishing.  Currently Derek has three kayaks in his fleet including the 2015 Jackson Big Rig, 2009 Native Ultimate 14.5 Tandem, and a 2013 Wilderness Tarpon 100.