Greater Ontario Kayak Angling


Fishing out of a kayak is considered one of the fastest growing outdoor sports in the world.  The sport first started to become public in the early nineties about the time Gary Sinkus published an article about the sport in Outdoor Life Magazine.  More and more people were starting to fish out of kayaks mainly in the southern climates.  It was only the last five years that kayak angling in the Great Lakes Region has started to reach the popularity of the south.  Though we experience a true winter season with snow, and freezing temperatures, with our lakes and rivers freezing over, we  can still get out on the water for nine months of the year with the aid of proper cold weather clothing to keep us safe from the frigid water temperatures.

We will have contributors that will post their experiences, reports, and knowledge of fishing from a kayak in the Great Lakes Region.  There will also be kayak angler profiles of people that have taken up the sport.  Kayak events in the Great Lakes Region will be listed here with information and links.